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Areas of Speciality

Reaction Engineering

Finding and integrating kinetics into real and predictive reactor models is essential to find problems and optimize performance.

When appropriate we integrate homogeneous reaction mechanisms (e.g. Marinov, Sandia, GRI, others) and often in transient mode. We use catalytic surface reaction mechanisms when available. If catalytic reaction kinetics are unavailable, we can develop kinetic expressions from your data. Kinetics translate performance between scales and are critical to optimize performance for commercialization. 

Reactor performance can be limited by transport limitations, unwanted side reactions, and flow distribution challenges among others. Uncovering and fixing problems is our speciality.

Reactive CFD tools with 150+ cores allow real geometry with real chemistry to be studied and solutions found to your problem.


Reduce the size and improve efficiency of chemical processes. Processes limited by heat and/or mass transport can be reduced in size. Compact processes can cost less, require less space, and reduce inventory for a safer system.

The principals have extensive experience developing intensified chemical reactors, separators, mixers, and heat transfer equipment. Development challenges may include header design for flow distribution, design for manufacturing, tolerances, and selecting manufacturing methods and vendors to minimize cost and maximize reliability.

A stage-gate process is common to develop and deploy intensified systems.

  • Feasibility - cost and technical

  • Initial design and testing

  • Detailed design and validation

  • Manufacturing

  • Pre-commercial and Deployment

Getting started

Feasibility and scoping activities are often conducted initially to determine the true nature of the problem and confirm that a commercial solution is practical for the given set of requirements and constraints.

Analysis saves time and money. Find and fix problems early before conducting expensive experimentation.


Hardware fabrication may require new vendors with needed capabilities to meet performance targets.

Experimentation for design validation is essential. Identify and resolve experimental bias, including heat loss, flow distribution, reaction issues, carbon deposition, and other test stand issues that occur during testing. 


Convert exciting laboratory results into commercial products using iterative product development to solve technical, manufacturing, market and business challenges.

Meet market needs during development to avoid future costly surprises.

Protect your development for long-term success. Our experience working with patent attorneys helps develop and maintain a strong patent portfolio. You own inventions from your project.


Algae or bioprocessing reactors take many forms, including ponds with turning vanes, tubular, flat panel, bubble column, air lift, bag-in-cage reactors, and fermenters. Optimization of design and fluid flow can reduce dead zones, reduce energy consumption, and most critically improve growth rates and product yields. Transient CFD analysis with particles helps you locate problems and confirm solutions before experimental iteration.

Data analysis helps you identify underlying problems, including seed quality, nutrient supply, thermal effects, contamination and beyond. We help identify product opportunities for your biomass.

We help you find problems in your small scale system and determine the best way to scale.

We develop cost models that help inform technical targets of titer, growth rate, purity, and more.  Its not enough to just make a new product, it must meet realistic cost targets. 


New technology at the nexus of Energy-Food-Water relies on innovation and know-how. Combined heat power (CHP) greenhouse technology exports green energy, utilizes CO2 to boost plant growth, and dramatically reduces water consumption using hydroponic growing systems. 


We thrive at solving tough problems, teasing out mysteries in experimental data, and innovating new but practical solutions. We aren't happy until your system is running well. Are you stuck? Lets talk.

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— Albert von Szent-Gyorgy